Chardonnay - Belpin 2022


Quality white wine from the Castle Vineyard, 2022 in a gift sleeve.

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The Chardonnay variety is a natural cross between the varieties White Pinot and Belina, which is an old Styrian variety. Chardonnay is originally from Burgundy, France, and is currently the most widespread wine variety in the world. In our conditions, it ripens in the third ten-day period of September or the first ten-day period of October. Depending on the degree of maturity, the wines can range from less mature and thin, with more acidic sensations, to more mature and bold. The wine goes well with seafood, pâtés, chicken breasts, vegetable risotto, mushrooms or even pork loin with apples. For vegetarians, the wine lends itself well to rich, starchy vegetables such as corn, zucchini and Hokkaido and nutmeg pumpkin.

Minister of Health warns: Alcohol consumption can be harmful to health!

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Alcohol Content: 11.5% ABV

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