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The Euro Souvenir is a commemorative banknote approved by the European Central Bank (ECB). It has been a very popular souvenir in banknote collectors’ markets since 2018. 

The beginnings of the Euro Souvenir date back to 2015 in France, when Richard Faille, the creator of the popular French currency souvenirs, decided to create euros that promote tourism and inspire travellers by capturing their memories on banknotes. 

We too have decided to issue a special banknote in 2024 to mark the completion of the renovation and revitalisation of the Ljubljana Castle, which commenced in 1969 and was finally concluded in 2024 with the renewal of the last castle hall, the Casemate. 

Let the Ljubljana Castle 1969–2024 commemorative banknote remind you of your visit to the green oasis above the city, where the past meets the present.


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